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Our family, the team and staff

HOPFELD Family & Team

The hotel DREIKÖNIGSHOF **** has been personally managed by the HOPFELD family in the 4th generation and has been family-owned for more than 100 years. As a result, the understanding as hosts, as well as the dedication to typical enjoyment of life, has developed particularly well. The HOPFELD family and their team of employees are there for you every day. On Mondays and Sundays, the restaurant is closed. If you would like to join our team, you will find more information in the section "Jobs".


The HOPFELD family

Today the whole family is working in the DREIKÖNIGSHOF. Johanna and Peter HOPFELD have somewhat withdrawn after Nicola and Thomas took over but they are still looking after their long-standing regular guests.

Thomas Hopfeld

Host and manager of the restaurant and catering, passionate golfer and handball player

Thomas has taken over the hotel from his parents in the 4th generation and is mainly concerned with the gastronomic matters including wine cellar and wine selection.

Nicola Hopfeld

Hostess and manager of the reception

Nicola takes care of the needs of hotel guests and manages all reservations. She is an enthusiastic golfer and a mother of two.

Benjamin Hopfeld 

Enthusiastic handball player and loves books.

Benjamin came to the world in 2006 and is already a big help. Papa is the great example and so he gets to know the hotel business.

Alissa Hopfeld

A whirlwind and our little snail.

Alissa completed the family in 2009 and has been living the house since then. She helps everywhere with pleasure and is at the same time open for all funny things.

Johanna Hopfeld 

Former hostess and kitchen chef.

Johanna had already taken over the company at the age of 18 and had worked for a long time at "Junge Gastgewerbe". She loves the Salzkammergut, golf and relaxation in nature.

Peter Hopfeld

Former host, Part of the Chamber of Commerce, and also known as "Opa Petz".

Peter likes to spend his leisure time with Golfing and travels preferably with the caravan to far countries.

Our employees

Das Team des Dreikönigshof heißt Sie herzlich willkommen!

Trip with our staff 2017

We plan every summer a leisurely trip with our team. This year, 13 August 17 stood at the Sun, a visit to the castle Kreuzenstein in Leobendorf followed by birds of prey show in the eagle sanctuary Kreuzenstein the progam. The view over Leobendorf and Korneuburg to Vienna is unique.

The culinary completion was in grape garden of the Winkler family in Niederhollabrunn.
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